Through the Silver Lining

I stand alone, in the dark, and allow my body to explode. 

There is a tingling in my fingers, as the atoms take off into the night air. 

I inhale as my forearms drift into the wind, and upon exhale, powdered blood bursts free of its cage, and dances with the oxygen, and hydrogen. 

My feet dissolve to sand, and slip into the earth and for the first time in my life I am flying, though just inches from the ground. 


My torso begins to resemble a cloud as the edges gently let loose small particulates clinging to old friends before farewells.

I look to the stars and see above me the sky has opened and I am a part of it. And now, he, the greater me, is dissolving too, and his sky is opened to his greater her who is also looking at her own set of stars in her own green sky and beyond I can see existence is coming apart, finally, to start anew. 

We explode, simultaneously, toward new beginnings.