Through the Silver Lining

We’re drinking at the park

We’re half-naked in the night

We’re all horny and willing and

The tension makes it fun.

A girl flashes me a smile,

I shyly return

Everyone is talking and laughing

the world’s forgotten us.

We climb up the tables

We run around

We all flirt in the dark

No second thoughts.

An awkward kiss,

A shaky feel…

The first obedience to lust rewarded

With your sharp breath

And soft lips.

A finger through the loop in your jeans

A hand on your hips, a sway to our kiss

Innocence washes away with our clothes

And into the grass our bodies roll

The world goes silent.

Nerves lost in pleasure,

Minds blank in ecstasy,

Leaving the hearts to wonder.

Singularity: Desert Night

The night is still. The city lay below him, making not a sound, though the lights shimmer with life. A set of streetlights turn, red, green, yellow, red, green, yellow for no other reason than to keep themselves occupied. There is no breeze, and the night sky is huge.

The water flows into the stream, its happy splashing the most joyous sound a lonely man has ever heard. He is one with that joy, and like his life it is constant, unending.

The stars see the man, as they always have, though tonight they are more patient with him. They perceive him from beyond restful mountains, so close to feel, so far to touch, their shadows ever comforting from underneath all that starlight.





Colors marking the time.

The silence echoes off the hills and speeds toward the man, wrapping him softly with it’s warmth, awakening him with it’s chill. His eyes glaze over, and for the first time in centuries he inhales, and the cool night air revives a soul he thought long lost. The edge of his lips twitch with the smallest beginnings of a smile as his eyes shift focus from bright lights to shadow.




A meteor flashes through the sky, its tail so bright in the darkness that each particle becomes a meteor of its own and a billion specks of light, of life, race toward the earth in hopes of planting themselves in the beautiful landscape below. The man raises his arms, exulting the heavens with both laughter and tears. He falls head first into the stars above, every muscle vibrating with the song of the stars in anticipation of the new life ahead.


Wine and Cigarettes

I’m just sitting here, lonely

Trying to make sense of it all.

I go back and forth from the bed

to the chair

but neither is the kind of friend

I’m looking for.


I think, ya know,

maybe I’ll write something

something new, something fresh

something someone will think

worth reading but then


It all goes stale

that instinct, that energy

and I think maybe if I take up smoking

I’ll feel the part, ya know?

All casual, light it, puff it, blow


And then I’ll pop a drink

a nice red wine

pretend I’m wasted on it

make some rhymes and then

maybe it’ll appear

right there on the page!


Profundity or something. I don’t know.

I never had the energy to begin with.

It is not a writer’s ability that hinders his success but how frequently inspiration strikes.


It is a Thursday

and the bright moon

in the sky reminds me of

those cold November nights of



The bay breeze held us both

as the sand sifted between our souls

and in silence we sat watching

the waves dance until



And alone, years later, I pleasantly

recall those blissful eves

when in my youth, time was

a friend always with me, and never leaving me



So it comes to pass that those

eternal nights lift into

a long forgotten mist only

recalled when a strange but familiar fragrance

Remembers for me


And upon my sorrowful waking on

the soft white pillows, heart slow and steady,


 the sea and childhood and warm summer nights


and I remember

It is a Thursday. 


To yearn is but to anguish

Through the time and space of a life.

With hearts committed to beating

While mind’s defend their plight


My World

My world is unreality.

Light wavers on the edges,

Nearly breaking the seams

But never succeeding.




Reaching through windows that are not quite almost there.

Like dreaming.



Second guessing.

This world, my self, my sanity. 


She said, “Hey Gerry

I’d like

a cup of coffee today

but don’t fill it up. 

The coffee here’s just 

a bit too strong

so I need extra room

for cream.”

"How’s that?" I asked,

presenting her

with a half filled cup of

dirt and water. 

"That’s great," she said, 

"And how’re you? 

I’m sorry I didn’t ask earlier


I’ve been distracted

I didn’t mean to be rude.”

I replied, “I’m fine

a little tired 


same old, same old, 

what’s been bothering you?”

She said:

"I’ve had this headache 

since last Thursday


I’m hoping this coffee helps


relieve some of the tension.”

"Is it sinuses?" I asked,


the change in weather?”


…she replied. 

"I think it’s all the stress


I’m hoping it will be gone 

this Friday,

When I file for bankruptcy, 

I really hope that they’ll stop calling.” 

Servitude Without Reward

A traveler, alone, dressed in black,

Filled with hope,

Enthusiasm, dark and frightful.

Traveler holds out his hand,

Hot as an ice pick,

Dark as a fire,

Powerful as a child’s touch.

He stares ahead

Willingly. Stubbornly.


He ascends up a slope, but down.

Down a path to fill his destiny,

Emptying, Emptying

Of everything he once held dear.

As Traveler reaches the summit, he halts

Even as he rushes, faster and faster and faster

The joy

of this crimson act,

Will surely free his reckless soul.

His eyes grow dim as a new spring morning

As he proclaims the words to doom the world.

And he speaks the screams and horror of the scene

Fill his ears as a symphony fills a room.


And then he is gone, along with all the others,

Dead, Judged, Hell-bound.

And calm as an ancient crusade,

And content as an angry parent,

The maker sits alone on his chair

Glad to be rid of the pest

He had so long ago, created.


It’s amazing, really. 

How quickly it all fades,

or brightens, rather. 

Weights lifted, shadows, shifted, 

off something you forgot you had. 

Your words meet hers and intertwine

forming happy smiles in the air between your mouths

as darkness sifts by, helping, 

to push the past behind. 

A being stirs deep within, 

awakened from hibernation caused

by trauma, regret, ill resolutions. 

He rolls over, slowly, his new eyes to the world, 

energized by her eyes from above.